John Law's Re-Creations


Lovedays, Quay Road, Charlestown

Date: Wednesday 28th March 2018
Time: 20:00

John Law – piano / Sam Crockatt – saxophones / James Agg – bass / Billy Weir – drums

Since his early beginnings as a classical child prodigy, then training as a classical concert pianist, and later changing over to jazz, contemporary composition and creative music in 1983, John Law has gained the reputation as being one of Europe's leading jazz pianist/composers.

 John Law has created a band which plays highly accessible melodic music & recognised tunes in extremely creative and interactive arrangements, simple & complex, with an emphasis on spontaneous interaction in a group of highly versatile young musicians.

 New arrangements of classic jazz tunes like Autumn Leaves alongside pop tune by the Beatles, Radiohead, Adele, Daft Punk; a baroque version of Summertime alongside a rocking, rollicking, bluesy take on Mungo Gerry’s In The Summertime!

 The new debut CD Re-Creations Vol. 1 - is out now on 33JAZZ267!


              “One of this country's most imaginative young pianists” - The Times             


“An interesting and highly gifted maverick musician” - Alfred Brendel

John Law's Re-Creations. Copyright Restormel Arts 2017
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